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Product name : stainless steel balustrade
Product No. : 201610812042
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 The Yifa stainless steel railing design utilizes special glass clips set into highly polished or brushed finish stainless steel rails. Our glass panel connectors are attached to the tubing at the factory and are ready for installation. The Yifa stainless steel railing system requires no special assembly skills or tools. Our stainless steel railing is perfect for interior or exterior applications where clients require a stainless steel railing system.  
Product Specifications
*Certificated ISO,AS,NZS ,CE, SGCC etc.
*Variety of Systems,304 ,312,316 stainless steel railing,brush finish,height from floor 1000mm
*with 50mm,60mm,70mm for handrail option .
Including all installation bolts and handrail fittings

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